Hold a Zombie, get passive income weekly !

Zombie Capital is a collection of NFTs launching on . Your Zombie NFT doubles as your membership card, and grants access to exclusive features like passive income, NFT evolution, real life utilities, and giveaways.

3 months have passed from the initial outbreak. These people, once forerunners in crypto, have now mutated into Zombies.

Meet Zombie Capital, a relentless Zombie horde rapidly spreading across the NEAR Protocol feeding on yield farming and passive income.

Why Zombie Capital?

By holding one or more Zombies NFTs you get full ownership and access to unique features.

Passive Income
Set & Forget : By owning a Zombie, you own a share of a hedge fund capital that allows you to earn passive income monthly. Check our roadmap!
NFT Evolution
You will be able to transform your NFT into a new unique one which will offer you even more rewards.
DAO utilizing a pod system. Each Zombie counts as 1 vote.



Legend says Simon was a zombie before the outbreak with his countless hours analyzing crypto charts, Defi strategies & GPU mining. Now infected Simon can be seen leading other zombies fulfill the burning hunger for passive income.



Since the “Infection Outbreak” this digital marketing entrepreneur has been roaming in search of others to join in becoming a Horde of Zombies who could work together in a community for Passive Income.



Pre “Infection Outbreak” Mig would either be tending to his vast Defi Farms or buried deep in his GPU mining operations. Now infected, his hunger for passive income grows and now leads the Zombie Capital horde to feed on some of the largest Defi farms in cryptoverse.



JP is the artist behind the infamous zombie horde. After working as an artist in the gaming industry for over 6 years, this NFT enthusiast started getting involved in NFT 2 years ago. He is the one who brought the Zombies to life, or should I say death?

What is Zombie Capital?


Zombie Capital is a collection of unique & randomly generated NFTs on the NEAR Protocol. Each design is composed of 8 layers from a total of more than 200 different hand-drawn traits.

How can I get a Zombie?


The Zombie Capital NFTs will be available for purchase on [REDACTED].

What will be the price of Zombie Capital?


The pricing model is flat Rate throughout the entire sale. No FOMO curve or escalating prices. The cost of each Zombie is [REDACTED].

Where can I view my NFTs?


Once minted, your NFT will be accessible in your Near wallet. (It can take a few minutes before being able to see the NFT in your wallet).

Is there a presale?


A presale will be available for some members of our community. We will do two whitelists :
The first one, the OG whitelist, where 200 spots will be available.
The second one, the community whitelist with 1500 spots.
The rest of the collection will be minted during a public sale.

How to mint?


To be able to mint, you will need to use a NEAR compatible Wallet. Once you click on the mint button, you will have to connect your wallet, then accept the transaction.

How can I contact the team?


Feel free to reach us on discord or twitter.

Join the horde on Discord
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